The World and a World of Help

Here is how the latest spread turned out! I'm pretty excited about it. I love creating images of the Earth, as you probably know if you've known me a while. If you'd like to see some early versions of my Earth artwork, you can see them on this blog post from a couple of years ago. 

6 7 Big Round World.jpg

After all the prints I've made, I'm pretty confident carving waves, continents, and playing around with cloud shapes. But there are lots of things in children's illustration that I'm not so confident about. And having help making this book, and navigating children's publishing is so important. I'd like to thank my critique group especially. Because I've been working on versions of this book so long, it's actually been though more than one critique group. Thanks to all my earlier partners for your input and patience! My current critique group is made up of some of the most fantastic illustrators and human beings I know. If you'd like to see their wonderful artwork, visit their websites and follow them on social medial. So, tons of love and thanks for the help Dow Phumiruk, Laura Diehl, Angela Hawkins, Melissa Iwai, and Shirley Ng-Benitez!

I'd also like to thank Harold Underdown who edited my manuscript a while ago and made some great suggestions. He really helped with clarity and flow of my text. If you are interested in children's publishing, his website, The Purple Crayon is a great resource.

Harriet Freiberger is another person I'd like to thank. She's a very supportive author in my town, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She had some great comments after studying my dummy and finished illustrations. Because of her observations, I'm going to be repainting the art that's already done. I'll be painting only the house, the little girl's clothes, and maybe the dog's collar red, but nothing else on the page. I think this will help them stand out in my busy, flat illustrations. That's next on my agenda!

Also thanks to all of you who are following along and supporting me in different ways. If you haven't sent me your mailing address yet so I can send you an owl print, remember to do that!

Below are some progress photos of creating this linocut. 

IMG_3329 2.JPG
IMG_3436 2.JPG
IMG_3461 2.JPG