To the Ocean

The next spread for the book is done! It is a complicated large linocut so I'm not surprised it took a long time, but I was getting kind of impatient. 

To the Ocean

Above is the block inked and ready to print.

4 5 To the Ocean.jpg

And here it is all painted! The text reads, This grass rolls over hills to reach the frozen snow. This creek flows to the river and pours into the ocean.

Below I'll share a few favorite process photos. 

4 Prints

I'm going to be visiting my brother and sister-in-law, Peter and Heather Bergman this weekend and doing a letterpress print to give as a gift to the followers of this blog. So thanks so much to those of you who've subscribed! And if you haven't, it's a good time to sign up. You can give your email address at the top of the page and I'll be in touch for your mailing address to send you something fun in the mail!