Yampa Is Wild Mural Update

I’m still working on the mural! I thought it was time for an update, so here’s the latest. We will be installing the Yampa Is Wild mural in the spring or early summer because the adhesive for the polytab and layers of sealer and varnish need to be above 50 degrees F for 2 weeks. Also— it’s a BIG project and I needed more time to paint!

In early October I moved out of the workspace in the photos from my earlier post and moved the mural into my house. There is still lots to paint and it was nice to have all of that room in the empty building, but I’m loving having easy access to painting it in my studio. There’s not much room between the table and walls here, but it works to have one panel on the table at a time. And I’ve enjoyed having people over to paint! My friend, Michelle Ideus is a wonderful artist and she’s been painting with me once a week. Below I’ll share a few photos from the original workspace and also more recent photos from my home studio.