The Yampa Is Wild Linocut

I've been working on something really big.... 250 miles, actually! That's how long the Yampa River is, from the Flat Tops mountain range to the confluence with the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado. The Friends of the Yampa is a non-profit organization that supports the environmental and recreational integrety of the river, and they asked me to create a mural that features the Yampa River- beginning to end. To help me work through the design, I decided to scale the mural way down and create a 1/2 inch to 1 foot drawing. Next, I turned that into a 35 inch long carved, printed and painted linocut. Now I have both a mural design, and a new edition of original prints.

Printing the Yampa linocut.jpg
Painting the Yampa linocut.JPG

Each of these linocuts is printed by hand with brown oil-based ink, and then painted with gouache which is very similar to watercolor. They are numbered and the first three prints have been donated to the Friends of the Yampa to help with fundraising for the mural. I'm continuing to work on this project and as I make progress, I will share updates here and on my blog, Art on the Page. If you'd like to help and donate to the mural, contact Friends of the Yampa. If you'd like to help me with mural painting, let me know!

Yampa mural linocut.jpg
The Yampa is Wild.jpg

ReTree 2018

I am working on a t-shirt and poster design for ReTree 2018 in my town, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I got to do the design two years ago also, and you can see more about that here. This is a great community tree planting program put on by the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council and the Colorado State Forest Service. I love this program, I love doing the art for them, and I love trees! Love, love love!

Check back for updates on ReTree 2018, including links to volunteer for a tree potting event in May, and planting in October. More photos are coming!

Jill Bergman carving linocut.JPG
ReTree 2018.jpg

The t-shirts will be printed with one color, but I also got to create a painted, color version for a poster.

ReTree poster on brown.jpg

Christopher Farrell CD Cover

My friend, Christopher Farrell is a violist with the Nashville Symphony who recently recorded the first album of his own compositions of chamber music. He asked me to create artwork and design the layout for his CD cover. I was so excited to work on this project! I'm a former musician who is still a huge music lover and I've always wanted to do an album cover. Chris' compositions are fantastic. Please visit his website to learn more about him, and if you love classical music, I recommend buying his album, Works for Chamber Ensemble

Linocut with Viola
Chris Farrell Works for Chamber Ensemble
Chris Farrell Works for Chamber Ensemble
Chris Farrell Works for Chamber Ensemble

Winter Carnival Poster

My town, Steamboat Springs, Colorado has had an annual winter carnival for over 100 years! But starting in 2016, Steamboat Sotheby's Realty began sponsoring a poster created by a different local artist each year to be sold as a fundraiser for Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. And they chose me for the first year! It was a real honor and I had a great time making this large poster. You can read an interview here about creating the poster and a Steamboat Today newspaper article here.

Winter Carnival linocut.jpg
Winter Carnival Poster

ReTree 2016

ReTree Steamboat is a project of the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council. Each year the Steamboat Springs, Colorado community plants trees with expert guidance from the Colorado State Forest service. This is such a great program and I was really happy to design the artwork for their t-shirts and poster in 2016. You can read an article from the Steamboat Today here.

ReTree 2016 t-shirts
ReTree 2016 Poster
ReTree friends.jpg

I'm in the middle above with my family and friends after a busy day planting trees!

Einstein Quote

This quote is very special to my friend, Jorge. He asked me to turn it into a piece of art, probably thinking I would hand letter it with pen. But I do love carving text, so I went ahead and turned it into a linocut print! 

Einstein Quote Linocut
Einstein quote.jpg

Wedding Bouquet

Erin and Eli were married in the late summer with a bouquet of sunflowers. I thought it was a lovely idea when Eli asked me to make an anniversary gift years later that was an image of Erin's sunflowers with their rings on a ribbon. How thoughtful!

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet